The IP agency business of IPRTOP includes international patent and trademark agencies, domestic patent and trademark agencies, copyright registration and software copyright registration agencies, and IC layout design registration agencies. The IP data business of IPRTOP includes all the patent literature works items and abstract data of the patent bureau of PRC, United States, Japan and Europe, WIPO, UK, France, Germany and Switzerland and provides service on tracing patents of a certain specific company and supplying patent information. The IP legal services of IPRTOP include special services in, eg., the patent invalidity, trademark oppositions, investigation and evidence collection for patent and trademark pirate, patent and trademark lawsuits.


The team includes more than one hundred and fifty professional.


Provide IP service for more than 5,200 domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises.


The amount of IP agencies exceeded more than 10,000 per year.


The authority of inventions maintains the high level.

With the development of the IP business in China, IPRTOP develops rapidly and becomes more international.

Until now, IPRTOP has built branch offices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Ji’nan and Zhengzhou. We also built a close corporation relationship with the peers in US, Europe, Japan and so on.

With the growth of “made in China” and “ invent in China” in world, IPRTOP will help our clients make the global IP layout with our excellent service ability.

IPRTOP Intellectual Data Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

IPRTOP Intellectual Data Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in patent data services in China. It is equipped with numerous industry-acknowledged patent data analysis experts as well as a proprietary world data literature database. The company has also developed a patent database search system; a patent intelligence analysis system and corporate patent information platform. Over the years the company has implemented product patent strategies and corporate IPR strategies for numerous world-renowned companies, as well as provided project information consulting services to numerous large-scale State-related research platforms, putting it a leader in terms of market share for the patents data analyst and consulting industry in China. In 2014, it was awarded the title of "intellectual property analysis and evaluation service demonstration and creation institution" in China.

Judicial Appraisal Office of IPRTOP Intellectual Data Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

The Judicial Appraisal Office of IPRTOP Intellectual Data Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional institution who was approved by Shanghai judicial bureau and has achieved the intellectual property judicial authentication certificate. It becomes eligible for the people's court, prosecutors, the public security organ and social civil subject and provides patent, trademark, copyright and technology secret and other intellectual property judicial authentication services.

IPRTOP Law Office

IPRTOP Law Office is a professional legal practice approved by Shanghai’s Judicial Bureau, having handled countless IPR cases and garnered vast practice experience in the areas of patent litigation; trademark litigation and technology transfers, etc. The service team of IPRTOP Law Office is made up of renowned Chinese scholars in jurisprudence as well as young and energetic legal eagles.

IPRTOP Patent and Trademark Law Office

IPRTOP Patent and Trademark Law Office is an officially incorporated legal entity which is also approved by CNIPA. Especially in terms of patent agents, according to different technology it formed a detailed patent agent operation mode of specialization, and the establishment of a complete and precise case application process management system.

Until now, IPRTOP has 43 patent agents, 26 patent engineers who have provided IP services for more than 5,200 domestic and foreign clients. In recent years, the amount of the IP agency cases exceeded 10,000 every year which makes IPRTOP rank among the top patent agency in Shanghai. In the recent three years, the granting rate for invention patents was higher than 65 percent. In 2017, IPRTOP was rewarded as well-known brand in Shanghai and was designated as Four-Star Patent Agency in China.