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About JZMC Law Office

JZMC Law Office has high-growth technology innovation and business innovation which is founded in 2005. JZMC Law Office has experienced business lawyers and IP lawyers who are working in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean or other languages.

JZMC Law Office provides not only non-lawsuit business such as IP, company business and finance, but also provides good quality IP suit and arbitration legal services for well-known multinational companies, big state-owned enterprises, private joint-stock companies, and a large number of small and micro private enterprises. JZMC Law Office uses its advanced IP analysis ability and infringement contrast ability in IP law services field to provide comprehensive law services for clients. JZMC Law Office has become an outstanding domestic counterparts for its countless successful law suits which made it accumulate rich practical experience in the field of patent and trademark law suit. Some JZMC Law Office’s law-suit cases have been honored as outstanding and classical cases in China.

JZMC Law Office (Shanghai) has been honored as outstanding law office in Yangpu District for its excellent team, high quality service and good reputation. JZMC Law Office is one of the pioneer and leader in Chinese patent information service industry, the recommender service provider of 2010 World Expo in Shanghai China, the joint venture of the Chinese enterprises designated service provider of 2015 World Expo in Milan Italy, China internet standard working group, legal counsel of Technology Industry Alliance and the patent information service provider of Chinese three generation nuclear technology standard CPR1000.