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Shanghai Minghang Intellectual and Property Protection Association

Shanghai Minghang Intellectual and Property Protection Association was officially built up in August 26, 2009 which is a registered in accordance with the academic, joint property, local non-profit organizations. Under the direct guidance and supervision of the science and technology association of Minhang district of Shanghai, the association is engaged in the protection of intellectual property within the scope of Minhang.
The association's aim is: service for members, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, communication member links with the government, society, promote the vigorous development of the work of intellectual property, and have made great contribution to accelerate the scientific and technological progress, the development of promoting our economic development.
The purpose of the establishment of association in the field of intellectual property rights (ipr) protection association is the collective operation function, to assist the industries and enterprises and institutions to raise the level of intellectual property protection and development, actively promote the protection of intellectual property rights consciousness, improve the protection of intellectual property rights of social service system, forming force and coordination mechanism of intellectual property.
The association provides members with information sharing, experience exchange, and knowledge promotion public platform.


Shanghai Pudong Intellectual and Property Association

Shanghai Pudong Intellectual and Property Association is the first social organization in Shanghai to pursue intellectual property rights. Since it was established on June 28, 2007, it has received the care, guidance and support of Shanghai intellectual property office, Pudong government, the new intellectual property office, the new city association for science and technology, and new district court, justice bureau and civil affairs bureau. The association gives full play in the four big functions to the bridge and the link, the role of assistant, platform, it also plays an active exploration and practice in the service enterprise, service society, the work of service government and judicial department. In the recent years, the team construction is growing and the member of the association has developed from 120 to 336 which has become the important social power of Pudong and Shanghai IP business.


Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park

Shanghai Xinzhaung Industry Park is a municipal industrial zone approved by the municipal government in August 1995, which is located in the Minhang district of Shanghai and covers 17.88 square kilometers.
The people's government of Minhang district has authorized the management committee of Shanghai Xinzhuang industrial Park to be responsible for the development and construction, social affairs and administration of the region. Shanghai Xinzhuang industrial Park economic and technology development Co., LTD. is responsible for investment and development. More than a decade, in the joint efforts of builders and investors, Xinzhuang industrial Park has entered mature period, onto the road of healthy development, become the foreign investors in Shanghai and one of the best place in the Chinese market.


Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Business Incubator Center

Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Business Incubator Center was built up in 1997 which is the national high tech innovation service center, national small and medium enterprises public service demonstration platform, Shanghai high tech enterprises, Shanghai recommended company, Shanghai enterprises’ cultural demonstration base and Shanghai famous brand enterprises. In 2016, it is awarded as “ The 2nd China Quality Award Nomination Award” and it becomes the first company who works for technology incubator. For many years, Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Business Incubator Center constantly integrates the resources, strengthens the capital operation, service innovation and management form. For the enterprise's survival and development to provide innovative entrepreneurial series of services, including business mentor services, marketing services, financing, project application services, technology transfer services such as a set of innovative services. Starting from the actual demand of enterprise and provides a strong support and guarantee for growth to the enterprises. Until now, the Center has established 10 science and technology parks, nine functional unit, nearly square meters of science and technology parks, more than 3000 enterprise resources, has formed a complete collectivized management system.


Shanghai Intellectual Property Park

Shanghai Intellectual Property Park was established in 2004, whichis a Shanghai Intellectual and Property public service platform which is built together by Shanghai Intellectual and Property Administration, Shanghai Copyright Administration, Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce and Yangpu District Government.
Shanghai Intellectual Property Park is a service window providing services of patent, copyright, trademark and so on; is a trading platform, providing various forms of market trading opportunities and communications for both supplier and buyers of patent, copyright, and trademark; is an information center, combining physical platform with virtual platform to enable Shanghai Intellectual Property Park to be an information hub and a database of patent, copyright, and trademark ;is a training base,depending on professional advantages of colleges and universitiesto develop the systematization and standardization IP training programs for multilevel, compound and international IP specialists; is a marker space being keen on cultivating highly knowledge based projects and enterprises with innovation, originality and core competitive power of Intellectual and Property.

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