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Practice Areas
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With the formation of the trend of economic globalization, technology transfer becomes increasingly important in global economic development. IPRTOP has explored innovative IP management and service mode, develop the technology transfer of IP technologies. We fully rely on scientific and technological resources of colleges and universities, research institutions and high-tech enterprises, establish cooperative relationship with known specialist agencies, focus on building a complete technology transfer industrial service chain integrating the consultation service, project docking, technology transaction registration, technology evaluation, technology license and technology transfer, thereby providing high efficiency and low cost professional services for participants of the technology transfer.

We help to reduce investment risk by proving skills and technological property’s authoritarian evaluations, facilitate transaction by highly market-oriented operations and advanced transaction means, so as to guarantee the greatest profit for participants of the technology transfer. Currently, IPRTOP has successfully implemented a number of patent licenses for colleges and universities, e.g., Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University, China University of Petroleum, Chongqing University, Tianjin University, Donghua University, etc.


The evaluation of patent value is an important means for promoting enterprises’ IP operation, and has a fundamental effect on the patent license, patent transfer, patent share, patent pledge and the like. The national and Shanghai IP strategies have deeded the IP transfer and operation as a key point of the IP work. The strategies demand to promote the implementation of IP value, support IP pledge, investment and share, finance assurance, and promote IP industrialization and commercialization.

IPRTOP has explored innovative IP management and service mode, performed patent value assessment service, as well as absorbed professional intermediary agencies, e.g., domestic famous accounting firms and assets evaluation accompanies and the like as our cooperative partners, to provide patent value assessment business for clients, e.g., a patent capital increase, participation and share, patent financing, pledge loan, patent transfer of achievements, as well as foreign right protection, thereby promoting clients’ IP commercial values.