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Shanghai Ruizhi Assets Appraisal Firm

(Limited Partnership)

Shanghai Ruizhi Assets Appraisal Firm (Limited Partnership) was found in 2017 and is an asset appraisal agency approved by the Shanghai Finance Bureau.

Since its establishment, Shanghai Ruizhi Assets Appraisal Firm has been committed to providing independent, objective and impartial professional evaluation services to its customers, and has won the trust and praise of customers. Ruizhi has a wide range of professionals in various industries, with rich experience in practice and a comprehensive information and data support system. It can provide various services such as industrial assessment, property assessment, enterprise value assessment and intangible assets assessment and the like for joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, mortgages, asset transfers, bankruptcy and liquidation.  

Typical Business Process:

(1) Negotiation and Preparation Stage

1. Clarifying the basic items of asset assessment such as the purpose of assessment, the objective of assessment, the scope of assessment, and the date of assessment through negotiation;

2. Accepting the appointment and forming the appointment contract for the assessment;

3. 50% evaluation fee of the contract amount is charged;

4. Submitting a list of materials required for evaluation to the client.

(2) Verification and Evaluation Stage

1. Collecting data and information required for evaluation (such as market research);

2. Verifying the collected information;

3. Determining the evaluation value after evaluating the estimate.

(3) Report Stage

1. Presenting the draft of the asset assessment report;

2. Exchanging opinions with the clients;

3. 50% evaluation fee is charged according to the contract;

4. Submitting the formal asset assessment report.